17:00-18:30 : International co-production in French regions

French regions are more and more sup- porting their local producers by including world cinema in their programmes and facilities. A presentation of the regional development funds and international co-production of feature-length films, with representatives from Regions Sud, Nouvelle Aquitaine and Centre.

Moderated by Émilie Pianta Essadi and Nathalie Streiff (Institut français).

With the participation of Noémie Benayoun (ALCA Nouvelle Aquitaine), Pierre Dallois (CICLIC), Charlotte Le Bos and Gilles Begusseau (Région Sud), Mathieu Fournet and Michel Plazanet (CNC).


17:00-18:30 : VOD platforms: opportunities to broadcast French films internationally

A vast number of independant VOD platforms are popping up worldwide, to compete with the market leaders. How can we ensure the presence and visibility of French films on these VOD services? What role can the French cultural network play on key markets, both in terms of events and non-commercial operations, and the sale of content?

Moderated by Marion Thévenot (Institut français)

With the participation of Séverine Madinier, Attachée audiovisuel – Los Angeles (USA), Pierre Laburthe, Attaché audiovisuel – New Dehli (Inde), Pierre Alexandre Labelle, Co-fondateur d’Under the Milky Way (France), Axel Scoffier (Directeur général adjoint, UniFrance) et Anais Lebrun (Responsable de la parogrammation internationale, MUBI)


16:00-18:00 : OIF conference with Rithy Panh, Mati Diop and Alaa Eddine Aljem

Spotlight on the Fonds Image de la Francophonie with Rithy Panh, President of the Commission Cinéma-Fiction: ten-year overview and new positioning. Meeting with two winners of the fund: Mati Diop (in Official Competition) and Alaa Eddine Aljem (which project is presented at the Critics’ Week this year, after a participation in La Fabrique in 2016).

Moderated by Youma Fall (IOF)
With the participation of Rithy Panh (director), Mati Diop (director), Alaa Eddine Aljem (director), Oumar Sall (producer / Cinekap), Francesca Ducca (producer / Le Moindre Geste), Pierre Barrot (IOF)


11:00-13:00 : Sacem cinema and music masterclass by Marc Marder

Music — a supporting role in film — will be the theme of the discussion. Take part in the Sacem masterclass with composer Marc Marder, winner of the Prix France Musique-Sacem in 2014 for the original soundtrack to the film The Missing Picture by Rithy Pahn.

With the presence of Marc Marder (compositeur)
Moderated by Benoît Basirico (Cinezik) and Fanny Aubert Malaurie (Institut français) 

14:30-15:30 : Boosting the international visibility of young French filmmakers

The Institut français, in conjunction with the festival Premiers Plans, the ACID, and the Agence du court métrage, acquires non-commercial rights for a number of first films, helping promote them around the world. It helps films reach a larger audience than the regular distribution methods.
Moderated by Claude Brenez (Institut français)
With the participation of Clément Schneider (ACID / réalisateur de Un Violent désir de bonheur), Florence Keller (Agence du Court-Métrage), Lidia Terki (Premiers Plans d’Angers / réalisatrice de Paris la blanche), Adeline Chauveau (Attachée audiovisuelle, Pékin), Louis Bonneau (Attaché audiovisuel, Hong-Kong)
With the presence of Xavier Massé (Festival Premiers Plans), Nathan Ambrosioni (Réalisateur de Les Drapeaux de Papiers), Morgan Simon (réalisateurs de Compte tes Blessures et sélection à la Quinzaine des Réalisateurs pour son court métrage Plaisir fantôme). 


15:30-17:00 : Programmers of Colour Collective - POC2

Comprising programmers who are people of colour, the collective advocates for greater inclusivity at international festivals. Launched at Sundance in 2019, the collective, which brings together more than 150 members on 5 continents, will lead a discussion on the significance of a programming pool that is more representative of the world in all its diversity within international festivals. Moderated by Themba Bhebhe.

Moderated by Themba (EFM) et Claire Diao (Directors Fortnight/Awotele/Sudu Connexion)

With the partcipation of Arshad Khan (Mosaic international South Asian film Festival), Loren Hammonds (Tribeca), Jason Ryle (ImagineNATIVE), Fanny Huc (IFF Panamá), Lorna Tee (IFFA Macao)

17:00-18:30 : VR - VR: choosing the right economic model for international distribution

How to promote and market French VR in international programmes, thereby helping to build a viable and virtuous economic model? Discussion on industry challenges with French VR industry experts and audiovisual attachés based on concrete projects implemented by the cultural and diplomatic network.
On the occasion of this exchange, the NewImages Festival, created by the Forum des images, will unveil the selection of its international VR competition.

Moderated by Agnès Alfandari et Sarah Arcache (Institut français) 

With the participation of Bénédicte de Montlaur (Conseillère de coopération et d’action culturelle, États-Unis), Aurélien Dirlier (Attaché audiovisuel, Taipei), Louis Bonneau (Attaché audiovisuel, Hong Kong), Rémi Guittet (Attaché audiovisuel, Argentine), Michael Swierczynski (directeur NewImages Festival, Forum des images), Oriane Hurard (productrice, Les Produits Frais), Chloé Jarry (productrice, Lucid Realities), Line Brucena (productrice, Gengiskhan production), Coline Delbaerre (productrice, DV group), Paul Bouchard (responsable distribution internationale, Diversion), Fabien Siouffi (UniXR / Fabbula)


09:15-11:15 : Rendez-vous with the audiovisual attachés network

Meet the regional experts from France’s cultural network abroad and learn more about France’s audiovisual international initiatives and its opportunities on distribution and cultural diversity, local markets, cultural and creative industries, and cooperation in the media field.



10:00-11:30 : Training producers in international co-production

Training producers is a major challenge for Southern and emerging countries. Those who have overcome this challenge in recent years will pre- sent their programmes. EAVE, ACE Producers, Produire aux Sud and La Fémis (tbc) will link up with new initiatives in Africa such as Creative Producers Indaba and the Ouaga Film Lab Producers Lab.
Moderated by Gabrielle Béroff-Gallard and Emilie Pianta Essadi (Institut français) 
With the participation of Kristina Trapp and Lise Lense-Møller (EAVE), Jacobine Van der Vloed (ACE Producers), Guillaume Mainguet (Produire au Sud), Marit Van den Elshout (CineMart / Creative Producers Indaba), Bongiwe Selane and Elias Ribeiro (Urucu Media / Creative Producers Indaba), Alex Moussa Sawadogo (Génération Films / Ouaga Film Lab), Christine Ghazarian (La Fémis)


18:00-20:00 : The African Film Library rendez-vous

Programs, news and projects of the African Film Library.




17:00 - 18:00 • Stand MEDIA / European film festivals: sharing the love for films with global audiences

Case study: the European project “Support to the European film festivals”, initiated by the European Commission and implemented by Goethe-Institut, Institut français and Cineuropa aims to give a better access to European cinema outside Europe.

With the participation of Laura Fiore (European Commission), Johannes Ebert (General Director - Goethe-Institut), Anne Tallineau (General director - Institut français), Bart Ouvry (Head of Delegation, Democratic Republic of Congo), Putri Meninaputri (European Film Festival Indonesia, co-curator), Nauval Yazid, (European Film Festival Indonesia, co-curator), Peter Sallade (European Film Festival China, Curator), Barbara Visser (filmmaker "The End of Fear"), Varduhi Sargsyan (European Film Festival Armenia, Curator). 


15:00-17:00 • Adosom Windsor / Shoot the Book! Masterclass : funding for adaptations, by Linda Beath

The process of financing a film, from development to production, distribution in cinemas and commu- nication, how do producers cover the expenses of developing a film, from the moment they acquire the book rights to the writing of the screenplay?

With EAVE, the leading European network of audiovisual producers.



10:30-12:30 • Palais des Festivals, Salon des Ambassadeurs / Shoot the Book! Pitches

8 French editors, 1 Norwegian and 2 Canadians pre- sent pitches of books with a chance of being adapted for cinema, selected by an international jury. Just like last year, Shoot the Book! will welcome editors from the Frankfurt Book Fair Guest of Honour countries.


15:00-18:00 • Palais des Festivals, Salon des Ambassadeurs / Shoot the Book! Rendez-vous

40 editors (20 from France and 20 from other countries) will be present for the first Shoot the Book! event. Rendez-Vous, a series of professional meetings with international producers.

With the SCELF, the Marché du Film, the Festival de Cannes and the Frankfurt Book Fair.


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