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La Fabrique Cinéma de l'Institut français is a tailored program helping talented young directors from emerging countries increase their international exposure. Each year, this program, developed by the Institut français, in partnership with France Médias Monde – RFI, France 24, Monte Carlo Doualiya – and of the International Organisation of La Fancophonie, invites ten directors working on their first or second feature films to attend the Festival de Cannes along with their producers.


Thanks to this program, young directors and producers benefit from personalized support adapted to their project and professional experience. After being selected for the program in March, they receive guidance from a personal coach who helps identify their needs (co-production, distribution, sales etc.) and schedule meetings with professionals who might be interested in co-financing their project.


Directors attend pitching workshops and professional events connected to production and the film market (the role of international sales agents, co-production opportunities, co-production forums and markets, etc.). They also meet key players of the international film industry.


During work sessions, directors have the opportunity to discuss their project with the program’s patron, an internationally renowned director. In addition, they have direct access to the festival’s different competitive selections (official selection, La Semaine de la Critique, La Quinzaine des Réalisateurs, ACID, Cinéfondation) and major professional events and receive accreditation for the Marché du Film (Producers Network…). They also meet the French and international press accompanied by our press officer.


For many years, La Fabrique Cinéma de l’Institut français has collaborated to initiatives that support projects in development:
Atelier Grand Nord, French-speaking script residency, by SODEC (Quebec),
Réunion Tout en Auteur, French-speaking script residency, by Agence Film Réunion,
Realness, Pan-African screenwriters’ residency, based in South Africa, by Urucu Media,
Ouaga Film Lab, coproduction platform and workshop for West Africa, by Génération Films,
Pitchs Animation du Monde, pitching sessions and workshops, by MIFA in Annecy.

A special attention is given to French-language projects from Africa.

New collaboration with Visions du Réel

This year, as part of a new collaboration between Visions du Réel and La Fabrique Cinéma de l’Institut français, the Serbian documentary projects, which are being submitted to either the « Focus Serbia – Visions du Réel 2018 » or « La Fabrique Cinéma de l’Institut français 2018 » will be evaluated by both programmes and may be selected by both of them as well, without obligation on any side, in order to circulate the projects between Visions du Réel 2018 and La Fabrique Cinéma de l’Institut français in Cannes in 2018. Thus, a Serbian documentary project submitted to La Fabrique may be selected by Visions du Réel for its Focus Serbia 2018, and a project that will be pitched at Visions du Réel may be invited to the Festival de Cannes 2018 to participate in La Fabrique (more details on Visions du Réel).


81 projects of 1st or 2nd long feature films

148 directors and producers coming from 56 countries, including 21 francophone countries

Since 2012

Since 2012, 70% of the projects have signed coproduction agreements and 25% of the projects have already been shot and selected in great festivals or released in theatres

Success stories

For the first time in 2017, 2 films have been selected at the Festival de Cannes 

• Un Certain Regard : Beauty and the Dogs by Kaouther Ben Hania (Tunisia) – La Fabrique 2015
• Semaine de la Critique : La Familia by Gustavo Rondón Córdova (Venezuela) – La Fabrique 2014

4 films have been released in France in 2017:
• Kill-me Please by Anita Rocha da Silveira (Brazil/La Fabrique 2012)
• The Wound by John Trengove (South Africa/La Fabrique 2014)
• The Road to Mandalay by  Midi Z. (Myanmar-Taiwan/La Fabrique 2012)
• Beauty and the Dogs de Kaouther Ben Hania (Tunisie/La Fabrique 2015)

13 directors have been granted by the Aide aux cinémas du monde fund since its inception in 2012:

• Fataria, arab summit by Walid Tayaa (Tunisia), 2012
• Flapping in the middle of nowhere by Hoang Diep Nguyen (Vietnam), 2012.
• The Siren of Faso Fani by Michel K. Zongo (Burkina Faso), 2013
• True Love Story by Gitanjali Rao (India), 2013
• Memory Exercises by Paz Encina (Paraguay), 2013.
• Rey by Niles Attalah (Chili), 2014
• Jambula Tree by Wanuri Kahiu (Kenya), 2014
• My favourite tissue by Gayaneh Jji (Syria), 2015
• The Road to Mandalay by Midi Z. (Burma), 2015
• The Mercy of the Jungle by Joel Karekezi (Rwanda), 2015
• Beauty and the Dogs by Kaouther Ben Hania (Tunisia), 2016
• The Fever by Maya Da-rin (Brazil), 2016
• Amal by Mohamed Siam (Egypt), 2016


The team of coordinators of La Fabrique Cinéma de l'Institut français is composed by professionals who aim to identify each project's needs and coordinate individual appointments accordingly. These professionals will advise the directors and producers on the preparation of the appointments and will establish the concrete planning of the various meetings that will be held at the upcoming Festival de Cannes.

In 2017, the directors and producers have participated in :

▶ 3 working sessions with Brillante Mendoza, patron 2017
▶ 1 pitching workshops and 1 masterclass from a famous film music composer
▶ 26 group meetings with the key players of the industry (heads of funds, festivals, distributors, sales agents, heads of international organisations…)
▶ 2 professional lunches with international sales agents, heads of coproduction markets and international funds
▶ 200 one to one meetings with French, European and international producers and sales agents

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