For its 10th anniversary, La Fabrique's former participants share their experience:


Director / Morocco / LA FABRIQUE 2016

La Fabrique Cinéma was a key step in the project. Being selected for this prestigious programme was a huge boost, which gave me con dence to move forward. It was thanks to La Fabrique that I met my French co-producer Alexa Rivero (Altamar Films), who has supported the project since then. The people we met at Cannes, the opportunity to present the project, and La Fabrique's support afterwards were all very important to us.


Director / Syria /LA FABRIQUE 2014

La Fabrique experience was an opportunity to discover a wide range of projects from around the world, each of them representing a world with different concerns and dreams. The activities we took part in gave me insights into certain aspects of project development, and helped me move the lm onto the next step. And I will never forget our patron, Walter Salles, who was so generous in all of his dealings with us.


Director / Egypt / LA FABRIQUE 2016

La Fabrique experience helped me make a wide range of connections and take part in useful panels and case studies. It was thanks to La Fabrique’s extensive network and the meetings organized that I met my French producer and buyer. I also took part in discussions with the patron and experts which were invaluable given the short length of time we had and the stage of development of my film.


Director / Laos / LA FABRIQUE 2014

My experience at La Fabrique Cinéma was invaluable, and formed me as a lmmaker. I sincerely believe that my ability to realize my feature lm and guide it towards its path of completion and success was due in large part to my participation in La Fabrique. The partnerships I made, relationships I've fostered, and the knowledge I gained from the programme was pivotal and a fundamental part of becoming the lmmaker I am today.


Director / Burkina Faso / LA FABRIQUE 2013

La Fabrique Cinéma was a highlight in my professional career. It was thanks to the programme that I managed to nalize my lm budget, through meetings with the Doha Film Institute, which was opening its fund to African countries for the rst time. I will never forget what I learned from the patron, my idol Raoul Peck. 


Director and producer / Algeria / LA FABRIQUE 2014

La Fabrique was a turning point in my directing career. It helped me further my knowledge of international production and nancing mechanisms, which I use on a daily basis when directing and producing lm projects. However, what really stayed with me were the meetings and discussions we took part in – with directors and producers from around the world, the friendly Fabrique team, and the lm professionals that visited us. They helped me build a network of friends and colleagues who I am still in touch with: I see them regularly, I occasionally work with them and I follow their progress. The film I presented at La Fabrique, Chedda, is currently on standby, but I am working on another project that I developed following discussions with colleagues and the patron Walter Salles. In conclusion, La Fabrique never really ended for me – it’s still on going. The work we did there as a group has had an impact on all of my projects and will continue to do so in the future.


Director / Tunisia / LA FABRIQUE 2015

La Fabrique was an incredible boost when it came to making my film reality. I began filming barely a year after taking part in the unique platform. It is a magnicent place where you can meet all the people you need to get behind your film; where things can go very quickly in terms of artistic and financial planning.All in all, it’s a place where film dreams come true.


Director / Rwanda / LA FABRIQUE 2013

In 2013, my film The Mercy of the Jungle was selected for La Fabrique Cinéma. At the time, I hadn’t found a producer willing to work with me on the project. After self-producing my rst feature lm on very tight budget, I knew I needed a good producer for this film. At La Fabrique, I met many producers, distributors and funding organizations, and I got to know the producers Aurélien Bodinaux and Oualid Baha who, along with their teams, really got behind my film. I would like to thank La Fabrique and its team for all of their support.


Director/ Georgia/ LA FABRIQUE 2014

La Fabrique Cinéma was one of Dede’s first major successes. After La Fabrique, I was invited to the Sundance screenwriters lab, which selected the project. During La Fabrique meetings in Cannes, we met in uent people and had the chance to speak about our projects. We had meetings with Doha Film Institute members, which enabled us to get a production grant for Dede. I couldn’t have asked for a better start for my project. I would like to say a big thank you to the entire Fabrique team for believing in and supporting us.


Director / Kenya / LA FABRIQUE 2013

La Fabrique Cinéma is a great experience for international filmmakers. Through the programme we were introduced to producers, sales agents and financiers, some of whom have become colleagues past La Fabrique and supporters of the film. It is through La Fabrique that I was introduced to the writing residency at Moulin d’Andé where I spent time crafting the story. La Fabrique is an incredibly special programme that supported my film Rafiki, and my filmmaking career.


Director / Venezuela / LA FABRIQUE 2014

La Fabrique Cinéma was a keystone for La Familia. The program is so complete, so well designed. Great learning tools, excellent guidance through the staff and the patron. The knowledge and ideas exchange between the lmmakers, the lecture guests, the industry members is invaluable. The industry meetings are so well prepared, programed and guided. We met our Norwegian coproducer in La Fabrique which came on board and made a great team with us. Also several potencial French coproducers. All in a very creative and dynamic atmosphere, and also in a warm environment. Great staff, great organization, great schedule, great opportunities. One of the best programs in the industry.


Producer /South Africa / LA FABRIQUE 2014

La Fabrique Cinéma was a crucial point in the life of The Wound as a film project. It was there that Pyramide became our international sales agent and Marie Dubas from Deuxième Ligne our French co-producer and one of the biggest contributors to the film’s development. We also met our Dutch co-producer Trent, from Oak Motion Pictures. We worked with script consultants and had an opportunity to touch base with key industry members who played important roles in the life of the film.

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