The Pavilion and La Fabrique Cinema programme showcase films from around the world-films that are difficult to finance or broadcast; films that are given little support or censored in their home countries.They defend the values of cultural diversity on screens around the world.

This anniversary edition will pay tribute to the filmmakers, producers, partners and professionals who have taken part in this impressive joint adventure.

Ten years ago, this selection, which now showcases the promise of world cinema at the Festival de Cannes, was launched.Every year, ten first or second feature film projects and ten director-producer duos, who defend cinematographic projects in countries where films are few, are invited to the world's leading festival and film market.

The past ten years have resulted in extraordinary discoveries, exciting encounters, arduous battles and astounding successes-not to mention new films, screened at festivals such as Cannes,Berlin,Venice,Locarno and Sundance...

In 2018, we are celebrating these talented directors and producers, as well as the films released in cinemas and screened to audiences worldwide. We are also celebrating our patrons, whose assistance has been invaluable : Abderrahmane Sissako, Juliette Binoche,Elia Suleiman, Maria de Medeiros, Elsa Zylberstein, Pablo Trapero, Raoul Peck, Claire Denis, Jia Zhang-Ke,Brillante Mendoa and, this year, Crisitan Mungiu.

This year, the patrons,former participants, partners and professionals who have contributed to the success of La Fabrique Cinéma are joining forces to celebrate the creative strenght of world cinema.




"Ten years ago, several generous people invented the pavilion Les Cinémas du Monde to give voice to young directors from around the world by helping them produce their first or second feature films. The programme,which broke new ground, has since given 167 directors and producers from 61 countries an unforgettable opportunity to take part in the Festival de Cannes. Furthermore, 40% of the projects presented have resulted in films, several of which have ben selected for prestigious festivals, including Cannes, Berlin, Venice and Locarno...

This year, we are delighted to be hosting a range of events showcasing creativity in Africa,talented young directors, composers of film scores, literary adaptations for cinema and international co-productions, with the goal of encouraging cultural diversity and multiple forms of expression.

We are also honoured to be welcoming the talented director Cristian Mungiu,the patron of the 10th edition of La Fabrique Cinéma.

We hope you all enjoy the 71st Festival de Cannes."

Pierre Buhler, President of the Institut Français
Adama Ouane, Administrator of the International Organization of la Francophonie
Jean-Claude Petit, Composer and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sacem
Marie-Christine Saragosse, Chief Executive Officer


What's not to celebrate ?

"Over the past 10 years, we have enthusiastically supported films from around the world, discovering images and stories that are both far-flung and universal. We have heard new voices and seen new perspectives that are both unique and extremely rewarding.We have received rare and precious messages from Bolivia, Chad, Colombia, Côte d'ivoire, the Dominican Republic, Iran, Niger, South Africa, Thailand and Ukraine. These countries are also instrumental in the strenght and success of the Seventh Art.

Who better than Cristian Mungiu, the spearhead of Romania's New Wave movement, to help guide the projects selected this year ? Mungiu'sincredibly insightful films dissect Romanian society and human nature. He offers up a demanding but majestic cinematograhy which combines complex yet fascinating scripts, tense narratives bordering on thrillers, and brilliantly sombre shots. Mungiu is uncompromising but not without humour, derision or a Mitteleuropa sense of the absurd.

What's not to celebrate ?"

Pierre Lescure, President du Festival de Cannes

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