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Le point de vue du lion

The lion’s point of view Director: Didier Awadi Produced by : Studio Sankara ( Senegal) – Documentary 2011 – 72 mn – Color – Digital – Language : French, English, Spanish – 1st documentary film


“As long as lions do not have their own historians, tales of hunting will always glorify the hunter”. We finally have a film that allows Africans to talk about the painful issue of immigration. Illegal immigration: “Europe cannot accommodate the misery of the entire world”. This is the hunter’s point of view. The Africans’ misery is a consequence of imposed neo-colonial and neoliberal policies. This is the lion’s point of view. Africa is not poor but is impoverished… The film attempts to put words on the ills that the continent is suffering from. During the 90-minute film, distinguished personalities are given the opportunity of voicing their views. They include: The President Abou Diouf, Aminata Traore, Cheikh Amidou Kane, Théophile Obenga, Amadou Moktar Mbow, men of culture: Manu Di Bango and Alphadi, but also straightforward citizens or candidates for exile. What are the root causes of the malaise? Experts have answered the question… Without any doublespeak, all the control system mechanisms in Africa are exposed. If the neoliberal policies, after 50 years of independence, have not created happiness, would it not be a good idea to consider the idea of Pan-Africanism and turn African unity into reality. Didier Awadi travelled across the continent with a camera in his hand in the search for personal opinions and explanations… The film has a really good pace… the content is dense… the style is explicit. A genuine investigation which was carried out between 2006 and 2010. This film is intended for Africans so that they understand the origins of their ills. It is also intended for the western world for it to have a fair view of the situation and not only the hunter’s point of view. The Institut français bought Le point de vue du lion for its new digital platform, IFcinéma. The film was also bought by CFI (Canal France International).


Didier Awadi

Didier Awadi is undoubtedly the most visible figure of French-speaking African rap. He won the RFI World Music award in 2003 and already has an impeccable career behind him. Bitten by the hip hop virus when he was a teenager he became a DJ and rapper towards the mid-80s. He then founded the Positive Black Soul with Doug E. Tee which left its mark on international rap with tours in Africa and the world; they brought the house down wherever they sang — New York, Johannesburg or Paris. Awadi then released solo albums which were an artistic success. The rapper showed his intelligent sense of Pan-Africanism, tackling a host of crucial issues such as the debt, a dilapidated heritage and political tensions. On April 1st 2010, during the 50th anniversary of the Independence of Senegal, Awadi finally released his multidisciplinary project Présidents d’Afrique (Presidents of Africa) which he had been working on for 7 years and directed his first documentary Le Point de vue du lion (The Lion’s point of view).

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